No one..


“Who cares what I feel, No one

Who knows what I suffered, No one

Who says I never cried, No one

Who bothers that Im dying, No one

Who thinks Im the happiest, No one

Who told you that I didnt fall in love

Who understands me, No one”

Written by Raafia. Do not copy my stuff.


Ironicized Lover!

Who’s knows but I can understand each word of it because It feels like, Its me as the girl in it :’)) ❤ Lovely work ❤

It was June 13′, she sat in a corner all alone. Her eyes were puffy from crying because she couldn’t stop crying for the last few days. She was dehydrated, and sore. Everyone left her alone. There was no one who could understand the pain she was going through. The sudden, deep pain in her heart was so bad, she felt like her whole world had come crashing down on her, and she collapsed to her knees sobbing in her distress.

BUT then, you came in her life. You waved her “Hi” and that was the moment she realized that you were the person she was looking for since a very long time. Although she was too scared to trust anyone after what had happened to her but still, she thought that you were worth trusting. Your facial expressions, your simplicity, kindness and politeness made her feel comfortable. She almost forgot all the…

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  1. Try to be egocentric more than emotional. Helps you always in leading a good life but I think it will not gratify you.
  2. Life’s so sturdy. Desiring for each and every thing. End up crying over wrecked imaginings
  3. Always forged yourself, everyone will love you. Sincerity and truth dont exist in new world.
  4. Im damn annoying and no one understands me.
  5. Money matters the most.
  6. It is better to bury your feelings cause when you let them out, no one is here to make you feel better, then It hurts as a nightmare.
  7. Anyone can leave you whether you’re their love or not. So easily.
  8. I can’t be a bitter & hard person, Someone’s wretchedness makes my heart soften down. I can’t help it.
  9. It takes the life to get the love from the one you want.
  10. In this world, People are not as good you treat them, They’re brutal even in saying some lovable words.
  11. No one will ever love you like you wait for.
  12. Do not fell in love. Yes. You can never succumb this thing.
  13. Crying always helps you in every bitter state of affairs.


“New Year(2014) Resolutions of me”


1- Never going to trust anybody with my heart except the one who will struggle for me.

2- I will never change myself , I am who I am. People say you need to be clever and fast but I’ll say that I’m the one who needs to be clever.

3- Never think about the result. You put your hard efforts in everything with honestly and don’t take stress about the conclusion. Just believe in ALLAH, If you have work hard he will bless you. 

4- Friends and siblings, They’re always here for you so its my time to give them back. Im here for them, every second of my life and if someone say a word to them, I have the strength to rip those shitty people apart.

5- Sometimes, Its better to hide the emotions because you never get the answer you want and then it hurts so better to stay quiet and cry under a blanket.

6- Try to be cold and hard, It helps seriously. Don’t be rude but stay straight in achieving your rights, because there’s wrong about it. It is our right.

7- Never ever judge anyone. Judging makes no one change or better, it just makes you judgmental person. Try to find mistake in yourself when you’re surrounded with crowd and appreciate yourself when you’re in dark & alone.

8- Just be good and never be bad to anyone. Trust me it feels so good when you have nothing but a beautiful personality. 

9- People suffer, Im doing too but Its okay. If im suffering then im learning so ask for ALLAH help always in dark situations to make you strong enough to handle each one of them

10- Now, Ill not find love, Love will find me.

-Raafia 🙂

What I Became..


Before you: A simple face with bright eyes, searching for the purposes in her life. A breathtaking smile, who wants nothing more than happiness for everyone. A beautiful forgiving soul, building herself strong for this world by forgiving everyone’s flaws. A strong heart standing in unknown crowd, not taking the support of single tear to explain her commiserations in life. She’s strong, Beautiful, Innocent, Hard, Helping, Forgiving and Smiling.

After you: A face with confusion all over her expressing the pain she have been through. Searching for her own smile who always wished for everyone’s happiness, but now It’s lost somewhere. Now, asking for forgiveness to someone she love on loving her and coming back in her life to make everything brighter than ever. He left her, by saying some sweet words. Over-thinking destroying her, “Maybe he’s loving someone else” “Maybe, I don’t have such a pretty face for winning his heart” “I, maybe, don’t deserve him”. A strong heart end up begging him for his a little attention. You didn’t listen, It’s hard to explain. Alone but desperations, loneliness, complications are killing her. Sleepless nights with your lovely memories doesn’t let her sleep, Cry but She doesn’t know why she’s crying.

No more Beautiful, Pretty, Strong, Innocent girl she is now.

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100 Random Activities To Do :D

I’m really gonna do each one of them, Trying new things to add some excitement in life maybe :”) Thanks Rumsho btw :*


  1. Support Breast Cancer 🙂
  2. Call someone to tell them you can’t talk right now. B|
  3. Look Up Yourself On Google. o/
  4. Draw pictures in total darkness and see how they turn out. (“”)
  5. Eat chocolate. ❤
  6. Search your name on Google xD
  7. Save a life. :’)
  8. Fill water ballons with soap and water and wash your car (LOL)
  9. Eat some Oreos ❤
  10. Prove a teacher wrong 3:)
  11. Listen to music for an hour straight :’D
  12. Make up a new word. ^_^
  13. Write your number on a helium balloon and set it free. See if anyone calls you. 😉
  14. Look up and stare at nothing… then see how many people try to see what you are staring at. (HUHU)
  15. Annoy someone for a whole day. xD
  16. Reply “why?” to anything anyone says. (Be Evil :P)
  17. Have a marshmellow fight with someone!! =D.
  18. Don’t…

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A little girl grew up too fast.

I loved it everytime I read this. ❤

Fatima Afzal.


Depression. Sadness. Gloominess. Everywhere you look, it’s all around you. You can’t escape it.

HOW? How did it all happen? What lead you here? What brought you so far? So far, that there is no way back. How did this 180 degree change come to that cheery & happy little girl you used to be?

Hurt? Break up? Broken trust? One-sided love? Inferiority complexes? Always left out? Isolation? Loneliness?. Every girl. Every single girl has her own story. A story, no one knows. A story no one will ever know. But a story every one should know before judging her.

Indeed, a little girl grew up too fast.

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“Jinnah Day” for Pakistani’s especially

So, basically its Jinnah’s birthday today, I decided to write about it because as we know where our country (Pakistan) is going, Jinnah as you all know made so many pains for us to live according to Islam value’s but Now the true meaning of Pakistan is nowhere to be found. We’re still spoiling for a fight with our fellow brothers over sects & creed. That was not the aspire of Jinnah. He unfetter us, It’s a great blessing for us to live in a free country but today, being a Pakistani, I don’t know what to say to Jinnah, Thank him for every effort he made just for us to flourish or be repentant for whatever is happening with Pakistan but I still have faith on your saying Quiad,  

“There is no power on earth that can undo Pakistan”

Jinnah, made Pakistan for every religion and ensure wellbeing for each society by saying that, “You are free: Free to go to the temples. You are free to go to the mosques or any other places of worship in State of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion, caste, creed that has nothing to do with the business of State.” So stop being so disparaging about these little things and try to make yourself a better human just by accepting & respecting each other way of life, Islam also taught us these things. Be a better human and gain love, at least we can do this to owe a thank to our Quaid.  

Happy Birthday Quiad.

A short story against bullying.

all my randomness!

She was scared. Horrified actually. She was not used to such behavior. She should’ve expected this, but she didn’t. She stood quietly, while squeals of laughter echoed all around her. She turned around and saw a group of boys who were older than her, pointing at her, calling her names and laughing hysterically at her. She considered asking them what was so funny but decided against it as her voice was stuck in her throat. She finally decided to walk away, but someone blocked her way. A girl who must be about nineteen, said to her in a loud voice “take out the money kid or else this will continue.” She looked at the girl. Looked into her eyes, trying to say things which her mouth would never allow her to.

She wanted to say a lot actually. She wanted to tell them to shut up. She wanted to run…

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