100 Random Activities To Do :D

I’m really gonna do each one of them, Trying new things to add some excitement in life maybe :”) Thanks Rumsho btw :*


  1. Support Breast Cancer 🙂
  2. Call someone to tell them you can’t talk right now. B|
  3. Look Up Yourself On Google. o/
  4. Draw pictures in total darkness and see how they turn out. (“”)
  5. Eat chocolate. ❤
  6. Search your name on Google xD
  7. Save a life. :’)
  8. Fill water ballons with soap and water and wash your car (LOL)
  9. Eat some Oreos ❤
  10. Prove a teacher wrong 3:)
  11. Listen to music for an hour straight :’D
  12. Make up a new word. ^_^
  13. Write your number on a helium balloon and set it free. See if anyone calls you. 😉
  14. Look up and stare at nothing… then see how many people try to see what you are staring at. (HUHU)
  15. Annoy someone for a whole day. xD
  16. Reply “why?” to anything anyone says. (Be Evil :P)
  17. Have a marshmellow fight with someone!! =D.
  18. Don’t…

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