A short story against bullying.

all my randomness!

She was scared. Horrified actually. She was not used to such behavior. She should’ve expected this, but she didn’t. She stood quietly, while squeals of laughter echoed all around her. She turned around and saw a group of boys who were older than her, pointing at her, calling her names and laughing hysterically at her. She considered asking them what was so funny but decided against it as her voice was stuck in her throat. She finally decided to walk away, but someone blocked her way. A girl who must be about nineteen, said to her in a loud voice “take out the money kid or else this will continue.” She looked at the girl. Looked into her eyes, trying to say things which her mouth would never allow her to.

She wanted to say a lot actually. She wanted to tell them to shut up. She wanted to run…

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