“New Year(2014) Resolutions of me”


1- Never going to trust anybody with my heart except the one who will struggle for me.

2- I will never change myself , I am who I am. People say you need to be clever and fast but I’ll say that I’m the one who needs to be clever.

3- Never think about the result. You put your hard efforts in everything with honestly and don’t take stress about the conclusion. Just believe in ALLAH, If you have work hard he will bless you. 

4- Friends and siblings, They’re always here for you so its my time to give them back. Im here for them, every second of my life and if someone say a word to them, I have the strength to rip those shitty people apart.

5- Sometimes, Its better to hide the emotions because you never get the answer you want and then it hurts so better to stay quiet and cry under a blanket.

6- Try to be cold and hard, It helps seriously. Don’t be rude but stay straight in achieving your rights, because there’s wrong about it. It is our right.

7- Never ever judge anyone. Judging makes no one change or better, it just makes you judgmental person. Try to find mistake in yourself when you’re surrounded with crowd and appreciate yourself when you’re in dark & alone.

8- Just be good and never be bad to anyone. Trust me it feels so good when you have nothing but a beautiful personality. 

9- People suffer, Im doing too but Its okay. If im suffering then im learning so ask for ALLAH help always in dark situations to make you strong enough to handle each one of them

10- Now, Ill not find love, Love will find me.

-Raafia 🙂


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