What I Became..


Before you: A simple face with bright eyes, searching for the purposes in her life. A breathtaking smile, who wants nothing more than happiness for everyone. A beautiful forgiving soul, building herself strong for this world by forgiving everyone’s flaws. A strong heart standing in unknown crowd, not taking the support of single tear to explain her commiserations in life. She’s strong, Beautiful, Innocent, Hard, Helping, Forgiving and Smiling.

After you: A face with confusion all over her expressing the pain she have been through. Searching for her own smile who always wished for everyone’s happiness, but now It’s lost somewhere. Now, asking for forgiveness to someone she love on loving her and coming back in her life to make everything brighter than ever. He left her, by saying some sweet words. Over-thinking destroying her, “Maybe he’s loving someone else” “Maybe, I don’t have such a pretty face for winning his heart” “I, maybe, don’t deserve him”. A strong heart end up begging him for his a little attention. You didn’t listen, It’s hard to explain. Alone but desperations, loneliness, complications are killing her. Sleepless nights with your lovely memories doesn’t let her sleep, Cry but She doesn’t know why she’s crying.

No more Beautiful, Pretty, Strong, Innocent girl she is now.


 “That’s what I became after you, Broken, lonely with crying eyes asking, begging for him to come back to care about the love because I still love you” 



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