1. Try to be egocentric more than emotional. Helps you always in leading a good life but I think it will not gratify you.
  2. Life’s so sturdy. Desiring for each and every thing. End up crying over wrecked imaginings
  3. Always forged yourself, everyone will love you. Sincerity and truth dont exist in new world.
  4. Im damn annoying and no one understands me.
  5. Money matters the most.
  6. It is better to bury your feelings cause when you let them out, no one is here to make you feel better, then It hurts as a nightmare.
  7. Anyone can leave you whether you’re their love or not. So easily.
  8. I can’t be a bitter & hard person, Someone’s wretchedness makes my heart soften down. I can’t help it.
  9. It takes the life to get the love from the one you want.
  10. In this world, People are not as good you treat them, They’re brutal even in saying some lovable words.
  11. No one will ever love you like you wait for.
  12. Do not fell in love. Yes. You can never succumb this thing.
  13. Crying always helps you in every bitter state of affairs.



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