Ironicized Lover!

Who’s knows but I can understand each word of it because It feels like, Its me as the girl in it :’)) ❤ Lovely work ❤

It was June 13′, she sat in a corner all alone. Her eyes were puffy from crying because she couldn’t stop crying for the last few days. She was dehydrated, and sore. Everyone left her alone. There was no one who could understand the pain she was going through. The sudden, deep pain in her heart was so bad, she felt like her whole world had come crashing down on her, and she collapsed to her knees sobbing in her distress.

BUT then, you came in her life. You waved her “Hi” and that was the moment she realized that you were the person she was looking for since a very long time. Although she was too scared to trust anyone after what had happened to her but still, she thought that you were worth trusting. Your facial expressions, your simplicity, kindness and politeness made her feel comfortable. She almost forgot all the…

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