The Unbearable Love


“I believed your lies, you called it dumbness.

I loved you with all genuineness, you called it nervousness.

I cried for you to be with me, you called it falseness.

I wanted to be yours, you called it unattractiveness.

I told you about the dilemma I’m facing, you called it attention fondness.

I despised my life and sought to die, you called it fakeness.

I heard my heart which still wants cheerfulness for you, you called it forged kindness

I shattered myself just to find a small piece of love, you called it emotionless.”

Written by Raafia. Do not copy my stuff.


3 thoughts on “The Unbearable Love

  1. Hello my Dear,

    Your eagerness to write is pretty inspiring and focused. But my friend let me guide you about the way you are thinking about love and broken heart thereafter. Love is precious gift that, if, we ever have through with, either with human as to opposite gender or with nature as to him/her-self as the part of this universe. When we have love in our life without any expectation then that love would be much more than reliever as far as peace of mind is concerned. Because, love always teach us to be patience and givingness. I think you need to experience the true love to nature either. In this way you’ll get real feelings and you’ll think positive about someone in spite of object you are love with. I think when you begin complaining, showing your unpleasantness and making yourself unhappy then you should come to know that there is/was no love about that object in your life ever. So be positive for any aspect in life and remember that after true love you will know about its worth.

    This response is not about criticizing you about encourage your writing passion in future. Keep writing and sharing your beautiful words so that we can also learn from your. Be blesses with all the things you ever wanted to have and wish you ever have wished. You can mail me at for any reprimand, if any.

    Muhammad Fazan Munir
    your well wisher.

    • That’s so sweet of you whatever you just said. Thank you so much for that and yeah I realized that I was wrong but still for some reasons, my thinking has become like this. I don’t like to stay positive about love and other things to be very honest as I know these are the things that usually hurt the most. So, thank you so much for our consideration and liking my post, means a lot.

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