Do good Get good.


“The world is very cruel & mad. Sometimes when you’re living an idyllic life, you always speculate on those who wanted to terminate themselves because they don’t have the life others are breathing but it is not the elucidation you’re in the hunt for. It will bring only sorrowfulness.

Our life, A life where we’re living horrendous dreams each day with intolerable veracity, where blood connections mislead the one who worry for them, Friends become the people who are wearing masquerade of lovability, Love becomes the person who phony everything even feelings, Money becomes the God, livelihood, glee, or the grounds to suicide for some.

On second thoughts to all, see where you’re footing. You are in encouraging sort or in the one who are tearing down others because they had seen the frightful side of life, because they have agreed up to end this thing called life, because they had been through coarse expedition of life where they have found people who’re just in quest of gorgeousness, riches, something higher than self-esteem.  

Where the love, joy, smiles has disappeared?

Yes we all are living in the sinister, but if the hearts are strong then we can get, “The Lost Love, The Disappeared Joy and The dazzling charming smiles of faces.” So please, try to see what’s around you because you’re the only one who have to make all of this happen. No matter what kind of life you suffered. No matter who broke your trust, didn’t believe on your feelings, have hurt, hated, judged, false you. It is time to move on to make this place brighter & happier for the one who are still distressing with harms, tricky situations, troubles.

Make them feel blissful.

Make them smile.

Make them to believe their selves.

Make them strong to forgive and forget.

Make them to do well and love to others.

Make them to help the broken down hearts.

We all can be excellent, content & live peacefully if we just make an effort to forgive the one who made our existence a tragedy because there’s always a difference between good & bad. So, do good to others even if people are bad to you. If you do good, Good will come to you sooner or later but it will must. There’s always good time for each one of you, you don’t even have to try for it, just be good and let it be.”


Written by Raafia. Do not copy my stuff.


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