Too fragile for this savage world.

Emotions always attract me ❤ Loving it.

Fatima Afzal.

tumblr_mys9604b9j1smq6x2o1_500 (1)

You think you know eh? Have you ever looked into her eyes? Do that, and then, think again!

Maybe you don’t get to see the real her. Maybe, her strength is just a cover up of her weaknesses and fears. Maybe she’s broken inside. Maybe she’s way too scared to accept her real self.

But sometimes, she just can’t take it anymore. She can’t pretend it is okay. That’s when her courage and efforts just die down. And that is when she gives up everything & does not care anymore. That moment. That one moment, all she cares about is herself. No one else.

It has been too much to hold in. Such a great burden to carry on her frail shoulders. She needs to burst out crying at this moment. She doesn’t care if anyone is watching or wiping the precious moisture off her face. Every single drop dripping…

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