Where is Humanitarianism?


The world has totally lost the peace and love now. This is the world of egoism and cash. All, everybody wants is money, power and their hold on literally everything and because of this reason, the land we live on, is now full of terrorism and barbarism because they will do everything even they will become terrorist for it. I just never understand that why people have become this greedy and inhumane that they can kill people? Like Israel has been killing Gaza people because of the clash of land. India has been killing those innocents Kashmiri since 1900s and the reason is Kashmir’s ground. I’ve watched a reality-based movie in which a Muslim brother kills his own brother and slaughters his little nephews because he wanted to get the authority. In these cases we know the reason of killings like the land, authority or some disputes. There are so many examples in which what matters, for these kinds of people, is just money and power. But sometimes they kill people for nothing like no one knows why terrorists are killing people? I mean for which thing they’ve become wholly brutal? Like last month, In Pakistan(in which I live) more than 141 children aged 12-16 were slaughtered and killed and their teachers were burnt by  terrorists in Army Public School, Peshawar which is the most ferocious thing I’ve seen in my whole life ever. Those little children were just in their school, getting education. How can anyone even think of killing those lovely-faced children? What kind of human or what creatures they are, I just wonder.

Killing anyone is just unquestionably frightening; How a human can kill another  human but actually this has become utterly true and common. Sometimes, I think that why they do this, don’t they have any sentiment left in them? How can anyone become so gluttonous after those temporary bits and pieces that they would even get their hands full of innocent’s blood? Don’t they have relations or their family?


Across the world, majority of people blame Muslims for this thing and yeah I accept that some of us really made a bad impression of being a Muslim around the world but it doesn’t mean that every Muslim or every follower of Islam supports terrorism. I’m also a follower of Islam. According to Islam, “Terrorism and any kind of killing are strictly forbidden in Islam and those people who do carnage are not going to be forgiven ever, here or the life hereafter. In Islam, humans are not allowed to even hit animals” so how can anyone merely blame only Muslims for this? As to my opinion, I’ll say that terrorists don’t belong to any religious conviction. They have no religion, no sympathies towards anyone. They are just some humans who feel nobility in massacre. They are assassinating everyone including Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Shia, Sunni, children, women EVERYONE and every day the tranquility of the world is fading away just because of some.

But they have really made me apprehensive about my family and friends and everyone I love because at the end of the day you don’t know whom you lose like this. Who will be victimizing of these terrorism accidents? They can be the members of my family, the friends I’ve loved, and the people I don’t want to lose. I’ve watched those mothers and fathers crying in front of their young son’s coffins asking everyone that where humanitarianism is and I wish like them I want to get the answer.