Note: 1

Well, now a days I’m feeling a bit lonely after a long long time because it’s summer and I’m just all home, doing pretty boring stuff like wasting my time and sleeping.I don’t do this purposely because I’ve always waited for these holidays, planned so much for that I’ll do this and that but now i’m probably liking just counting the days. My best friends were busy before holidays in their exams or something related to that and whenever I wanted to talk to them, they used to tell me that after the exams, in summer holidays, we’ll do talking like before we used to do till 3am about something lame and doing all the irrelevant stuff together and just laugh.

Nothing is happening as they said and they are still busy. I don’t know at this point, I think I should understand that they don’t want to talk or make time for me so I should do the same, but I miss them so much. I want to talk to them, ask to them how they all are doing, are they okay, are they healthy, are they enjoying the summer and Ramadan, what made them so busy that they can’t even tell me or drop a text, telling me that they miss me too but can’t be there. I’ll understand their situation and everything they will say, but the thing or the real problem is this that they say nothing. They can’t even waste a second, bother telling me that why they act like strangers?

This hurts a lot.


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