In this world,

It’s easy to hurt

But hard to care

In people,

It’s easy to give your word

But hard to fulfill

In this love,

It’s easy to fall

But hard to stay

In sentiments,

It’s easy to feel,

But hard to understand

In relations,

It’s easy to lie

But hard to be truthful

In this living,

It’s easy to die

But hard to survive

Note: I wrote that piece 2 years before so that’s the reason It lacks all the pure sense of poetry. I was young back there and didn’t upload it here but still I like it as It makes me realize the truth of this living and all. Don’t judge me. Haha.”


My Dad

To my dad, to the bestest man I have, to the only love I can never live without.



I know this man
Who is dear to my heart
Suddenly one day
It was torn all apart

This man taught me everything
That I needed to know
But I never really listened
Until he had to go

He gave me love
And touched my life
It’s all over now
He no longer has to fight

He tried to teach me
Right for wrong
The day he left
I wasn’t that strong

He is gone now
It is hard to believe
This man is my dad
Who I will never see

But I will see him again
This I know
The day will come
When it’s time for me to go

So, I’ll hold him dear
And close to my heart
Cause the day we meet
I know we’ll never be torn apart.

Disarae G. Kuhn

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3AM Short Poem

I just want to portray you in my words

I want to make you experience like what I felt;

When you left me like it never mattered to you

I want to make you sob as you made me;

At the mid of every night under my blanket

I want you to realize the hurt you gave me;

Which I endured just to put your words out of my mind

But I won’t desire of anything like this for you;

Because my words might be enough to make you understand-

Life, to me


“Life is like

The darkness of night

Quiet, painful and frightening

But nobody can escape from it

Each one of us

have to survive in it

To see a

 calm, clear and blissful Day

Because after the hurtful night

The sun of hope must come up”~

Won’t You?


Scars of you

Are expiring me, dear

Won’t you ask?

“Does it hurt you?”


Shedding tears for you

Feels the worst lament, dear

Won’t you say?

“Did I make you cry?’’


By the all, I always forget

And say, “Oh, You’re gone, dear”

Won’t you accept?

“Yes, I just lied beautifully”


Give me a day or a moment

To ask or spit out the emotions, dear

But I know what you will say

“It wasn’t my mistake that you believed my lie”



اکثر مصائب سے دو چار رہتا ہوں


اکثر مصائب سے دو چار رہتا ہوں

ہر بار درد میں مسکرا دیتا ہوں

یہ بہادری نہ سہی، کمزوری ہی سہی


اکثر احساسات بیان کر جاتا ہوں

ہر بار رو کر اپنی رواداد سنا دیتا ہوں

یہ برداشت نہ سہی، پیار کی پیاس ہی سہی


اکثر دھوکا کھا جاتا ہوں

ہر بار لوگوں کے راز چھپا جاتا ہوں

یہ معصومیت نہ سہی، بیوقوفی ہی سہی


دو چار رہتا ہوں، بیان کر دیتا ہوں

دھوکا کھا کر چھپا بھی لیتا ہوں

تھوڑا مسکرا کر قسمت پہ رو بھی دیتا ہوں


پر پھر بھی اکیلا رہ جاتا ہوں

خدا کو بے بسی میں کہہ بھی ڈالتا ہوں

کہ زندگی نہ سہی، تو پھر موت ہی سہی




Life is getting so wretched now for me, it kills me whenever the times of yore comes in my brain and then the eyes always look teary.

I remember the days when I was just 15, I lived that life and it was more than perfect life where I had the madness of my childhood, best tremendous school days, the recklessness about people and their irrelevant opinions.  There was no thought, necessitate, imagination about love, money, people or world because that time, I learned to only love yourself. There was just me and my own world, No one else. Back in that time, I had those moments of my life which are still joyful to memorize. My mind was just overflowing with only the imaginations about my fine-looking future and my own little world. Doing silliness all the time was the loveliest part where I discovered that I make people happy. There was harmony in compassion that time. There were no disturbed nights. There were people with hearts and love. I was little cheerful girl with a magnificent smile. I was just my own that time.

Where the good times are?

The worst thing I’ve experienced is that now I’m not living that time, Time changed everything and everyone. People are just now making money, standard of living and gathering good materials just to get little soothe but they are forgetting the love of their loved one. Life is not just about finding love, it’s more than that. It’s not about lament over the mistakes you’ve done in past. It’s not about crying over that you suffered twinge because of some people. It’s not about that you’re forlorn, unattractive, dull, and creepy for this world.

 Why we don’t try to ascertain the point of our existence?

The purpose is that we all are born to know the true significance of the things we have in our each times. The hold up of family in sinister times, the love of true friends when we fall, the siblings care, the memories we had in our childhood and teenage. We all have so much to show gratitude to GOD even in ups and downs of life.

There’s so much to live your life for. Live life with no compunction and just love everybody because YOLO ( You Only Live Once )

Written by Raafia. Do not copy my stuff. 



نہ دل میں سکون”

نہ روح میں چین

نہ دنیا میں ایمانداری

نہ لوگوں میں وفاداری

نہ الفاظ میں سچائی

نہ جذبات میں اصلیت

نہ درد کا لحاظ

نہ آنسوءوں کی قدر

نہ دوستوں کی الفت

نہ محبوب کی وفا

نہ پیار ملے، نہ سکوں ملے

نہ دوستی ملے، نہ وفاملے

تو کہاں سچائی اور قدر ملے؟

یہاں ملے تو صرف

“..اس غم میں موت ملے

رافعہ –